Year Round 800 Square Foot DIY Solar Cabin Power Kit Complete With LiFeP04 Batts

Year Round 800 Square Foot DIY Solar Cabin Power Kit Complete With LiFeP04 Batts

    With The Canadian Summer Cottage Owner In Mind We Have Engineered Off Grid, Budget Friendly Solar Power Systems For Just About Any Cabin, Cottage Or Small Commercial Lodge. These Complete Kits Supply 120-Volt Power To Operate Energy Efficient Lights, Televisions, DVD Players, Satellite Systems, Smart Phones, Tablets, Gaming Systems, small Microwave Ovens, Blenders, Vacuum Cleaners, Smart Phone & Tablet Chargers Power Tools And Mini Bar Style Refrigerators.


   The Systems Can Also Supply 12 Volt Power For A Water Pump, Radio,
Furnace Fan Or Exterior LED Security Floodlights. Kits Include Solar Panels, Custom Built Roof/Ground/Wall Mounting Brackets, All Necessary Wires And Cables, Protection Devices, Charge Controllers, And Power Inverters With Integrated Battery Chargers. These Systems Are Designed To Greatly Reduce The Need For Noisy Generator Power And Are Easily Expandable To Provide All Of The Comforts Of Home, Easily Expanded In the Future By Adding More Solar Panels And Batteries Should Power Requirements Grow.


All Our Systems Include CanLiFe Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries:


Premium Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries Offer Lighter Weight And Significantly Longer Service Life - 20 Years + In A Typical Solar Energy System. Because Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries Are More Efficient Than Lead Acid Batteries There Is No Need To Oversize The Battery Bank. A Lithium Iron Phosphate battery Bank Is Equivalent To A Lead Acid/AGM Battery Bank 2.5 - 3 Times Its Capacity.


This System Includes:


  • 1280 Watt Solar Array Consisting Of 4 x Silfab 320 Watt Solar Mono Silicon Solar Modules. These Brand New Panels Are "Off Label" Panels Meaning They Were Sold At A Discount By The Manufacturer Without Warranty or The Label. We Back Them With A 5 Year Replacement Warranty. They Look Beautiful With A Black Aluminum Frame And Work Perfectly At A Fantastic Price, Valued At Just $0.50 Per Watt In The Kit.


  • 2 x Dual Module Adjustable Annodized Aluminum Roof/Wall Or Ground Mounting Rack, Custom Built For Your Specific Installation. We Also Include Roof-Tec Self Sealing Mounting Pads For Safe, Simple Installation On Any Style Of Roof Ashphalt Shingle, Or Metal. 


  • 1 x 40 Foot PV Harness With MC-4 Quick Disconnects And 6 Foot PV Controller To Battery Bank Harness


  • 1 x Midnite Solar MNPV-3 Solar Combiner With Midnite MNEPV15 Breaker And Delta LA302 Lightning Surge Protection Device Installed


  • 1 x Victron Smart Shunt. This Easy To Install Monitor Includes A Bluetooth App For Your Smart Phone Or Tablet That Allows The User To Monitor Their System Performance In Real Time And Stores An Historical Log Of System Events.


  • 1 x SRNE All In One Pure 24 Volt 3000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter With Integrated 60 Amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller (Can Handle Up To 1600 Watts Of Solar Modules) And 70 Amp Smart Battery Charger Specially Designed For Use With Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries. Backed By A 2 Year Warranty


  • 1 x CanLiFe 24 Volt 100 Amp Hour (Equivalent to 24 Volt 300 AH Lead Acid/AGM Battery Bank) Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery - Backed By A 12 Year Pro-Rated Warranty With 5 Years Free Repair/Replacement.


  • 1 x Set Of 1/0 Ultra Flexible Inverter Power Cables - 6 Feet Long With Disconnect And 250 Amp Fuse 
  • Warranty

    Our Solar Power System Are Backed By A 2 Year Warranty On All Components. Note That Some Components Like Solar Modules May Have Longer Manufacturers Warranties. 

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